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Capital markets frequently face a misalignment between the needs of institutions investing in risk capital, which typically have a shortto medium-term investment horizon; and the needs of SMEs, who would prefer medium- and long-term investment horizons and management. As a result, private equity’s traditional approach looks increasingly out of place.

Mazal Capital represents a way of coordinating the needs of small and medium-sized businesses and those of investors who wish to have a more active role both in managing their assets and in the growth of high-quality SMEs.

Mazal Capital’s role

Mazal Capital invests in SMEs that combine great potential for expansion with sound fundamentals, providing the companies with support over a mediumto long-term stretch of growth.

Mazal Capital is a project structured as a club deal. It enables qualified private investors, including those with practical business experience (the “Investors”) to actively participate in a longer-term programme that spurs growth at ambitious firms.

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